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The reality of relocating or retiring to a foreign country prompts a scary question.  Where will I retire? How can I retire comfortable if I don't have a 401K or no savings?  Would Social Security be enough to retire and have a comfortable life? 

How do I know what the culture is like in top oversees retire locations?  Make Medellin Yours was created to share our personal experiences with you of more than 16 years in Medellin.


The past 20 years have been uncertain including the great recession, one of the worlds worst pandemics, world climate change and sky rocketing health care leaves many Americans and Europeans feeling helpless.  Worries of not having the means to re-build their 401(k) or retirement savings.  According to Forbes about one in three older workers have essentially zero in retirement savings.  Thus leaving tens of millions of Americans, to depend on Social Security as their last hope.  Would it be enough?  Although it might be possible to live on Social Security in the U.S. it is very unlikely to maintain any semblance of the Quality of Life that you once had.

That leaves many people thinking about how and where to relocate & retire abroad.  You have worked hard for a lifetime and you want to maintain a decent Quality of Life.   What kind of life you can you expect to have?  You maybe thinking about political developments, social interaction with like minded people, high health costs, the purchasing power of your retirement money and much more.

You've begun to research and found others have establish a better life in another country.  But that can be scary.  How do you know what life is like in another culture beyond a vacation?  How can I find a network of like minded people?  How will I know that I'm not being taken advantage of?  Will I be isolated?  Is it safe for me and my family?  What are the true costs of living?  Will my family be able to come visit or will it be easy for me to go visit them? Do I need and can get a visa, what about taxes and how is the healthcare system, the list goes on.


We agree with you and that is why we created Make Medellin Yours.  The only Relocation tour program in Medellin that provides you with a real life experience program for what a U.S. vacation would cost.  You will experience a full emersion with our experts with you every step of the way.  You will meet local expats.  You can join TheQMedellin.com community website with lists of resources, local businesses and local neighborhood forums/open discussion groups.  Don't relay on one single source, don't relay only on Make Medellin Yours.  We want you to explore and experience this tropical paradise for yourself.  

We have 16+ years combined experience of living and working in Medellin.  You will gain access to our strong relationships of English speaking expats, locals and local businesses that you can trust.  You will have access to this before, during and after your relocation.

Medellin continues to be top rated for International retirement. In 2012 Medellin beat out NY city and Tel Aviv as the most innovative city in the world by Citigroup and WSJ. 

Colombia has a strong GDP with one of the fastest growing middle class economies in Latin America.  Once the most dangerous cities in the world has been transformed into one of the safest, more safe than many American cities.  Medellin is vibrate with warm welcoming Paisa people and a community of international expats.

Enjoy the Latin culture here in Medellin.  Includes some of the most diverse geography, culture and the music that gets in your soul.

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