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Our story,
how we started helping people relocate to Medellin.

Make Medellin Yours was founded by Brett Burton and Roger Schmidt. In his more than 11 years in Colombia, Brett has helped many foreigners who wanted to experience Medellin, Colombia.  Expats of all nationalities seek out Brett as a mentor to understanding the culture and what to do in Medellin.  Roger Schmidt (Swiss CPA) founded Autarchy SAS, Medellin with his wife (Colombian lawyer) in 2017. His company has main focused on visa applications for foreigners. They also specialize in company formation, taxes, marriage, accounting and legal advice. Roger is Vice President of the Swiss Club, Medellin.

We see many foreigners who have not adequately prepared for emigration and therefore always pay a hardship during the transition.  Many things work differently abroad than one is used to at home, so many surprises can be avoided. We often read incorrect or incomplete information in Facebook pages/groups, which is why we advise against taking only a picture from social media.


We know the concerns, the worries, the expectations of those willing to emigrate. We have been able to build a large network over the years and have therefore also founded the website www.theQmedellin.com.  On this platform we have listed English speaking service providers and adding more each day who have a certain level of credibility.  It also includes forums for local discussions and sharing experiences.

Many people were contacting us prior to their trip asking questions and for help prior and during their visit.  Many of which suggested interest in relocating to Medellin so with our experience, networking and current legal visa knowledge prompted us to create "Make Medellin Yours".


During our conversations with expats we discovered many had uncertainty about leaving their home as a result we are aware of the doubts and fears it takes to decide to emigrate.  Our “Relocation Tour” helps reduce the fears to give you a personal and realistic experience so that you may dare to take the life-changing step abroad.


It's not about convincing you about Medellin, Colombia or selling you something.  It is our goal to be an important help in your personal decision-making process.  Nothing can replace a personal experience and nothing is more crucial than personal experience. 


We stand proud that we are the only elite provider of such a tour and we are convinced that our services will surly help with your unique decision-making process.

Thank you and safe travels,

Brett and Roger



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