Networking in Medellin


The Q Medellin

Is an open membership forum of Medellin, Colombia english speaking professional service providers and local business and resources to help expats who are visiting or relocating to Medellin.

The Q Represents Quality, Trust and Commitment.



Autarchy SAS

is a registered company in Colombia and sees itself as a consulting company for foreigners who want to emigrate or who have already emigrated and have questions regarding visas, company formation, taxes, real estate, marriage, insurance, money transfer, accounting or other legal issues. You can see us as a point of contact for your questions. A short telephone consultation is free of charge. We are happy to advise you in English, Spanish and German.

International Smiles

International Smiles


Serving patients with a special and humane touch.


A Dental Holistic Clinic, where you will be served with up-to-date dental protocols to prioritize foreigners by bilingual professionals along with getting an unforgettable relaxing and enjoyable experience like you never had before!